Common Payday Loan Answers

First, look on our homepage and see if you can find answers to common cash advance questions. We have articles written to help you in finding the best payday lender, the lowest fees and interest including alternative loans, and address possible problems.

Where is my money?

If you have not received money from your payday loan provider please go back to the form and look at the bottom for the contact information from that specific lender. If you cannot find the information then look in your email you received.

Do I need to send money to get money?

No. This is a Cash Advance there is no need for you to wire money.

How much money can I get?

Up to $1,500 in some cases. This all depends on the lenders involved and some states are regulated to a certain amount or in some cases may not even be available.

What is my loan status?

Look up at the "Where is my money" question for the answer. You should contact the final lender who approved your payday loan. We are not a lender and do not have the answer to that question. Our site is here to help you find a good lender and we have no exchange in money.

How can I contact by phone?

You will need to contact your lender. If you have not applied there is no reason to contact us on the phone. If there is not a question on our entire site that is answered then it may be answered on the once you click on the application link.

I need to renew my loan?

You may (in some cases) renew or extend your loan by calling the 800 number or number on your email receipt. It never hurts to ask.

I need extra time to pay my loan?

Read the answer above.

Are payday loans allowed in my state?

This article may help to answer.

Can you quit calling my work or home?

We never make outgoing phone calls here at  You may have received calls from the actual payday lender or a company cold calling you for money.  We do not have your phone number and have no way to keep that information. You may want to check who the company you applied with if you received an email as confirmation you could email them or call that number and tell them to quit bothering you at home or work or even on your cell phone. If you keep receiving calls then check your caller ID and give that offending number to the "do not call list".

I am receiving harrassing emails or spam?

We never email unless you contact us first. We do not like spam in our mailboxes and if you keep getting clutter in your box that is unsolicited then contact the proper authority.

Pay Speeding Tickets?

I am trying to get a personal loan to pay of some tickets. I have bad credit but stable work history please call if you can assist me or refer someone that can. Response: Payday Loans are a great way to pay tickets since you normally have to use cash or check with state or local courts. Sometimes you may also use a Discover Card but you must pay off a ticket before a warrant is issued.

I have a savings account with direct deposit and a prepaid debit card with direct deposit that is associated with JP Morgan Chase with a routing #. I gross over $3500 a month, been with my employer for 18 months and over 18 years old. Will I qualify to receive a payday loan?

From What we can tell you will qualify. Feel free to read through our qualifications here.