Installment Loans

Buried under debt? A New Option

Are you tired of living hand to mouth from one paycheck to the next? Do you have debts that you just can’t pay with loan sharks and bill collectors breathing down your neck? If your bills are piling up and you feel buried under your debt, then it’s time to take control of your financial situation and work towards financial freedom.

With today’s increasing unstable economy, it’s often hard to know if you have enough money to make it to next month’s paycheck. If you have an outstanding debt that must be paid immediately, a payday loan is a great option if you know without a doubt that you will have enough money in your next paycheck to not only repay the loan but also meet your current needs. What if your needs exceed your income? Nobody wants to be constantly scrambling and living from one paycheck to another. Now, thanks to installment loans, you don’t have to.

Installment loans are a viable alternative to payday loans that provide access to rates from as much as 25 % to 75 % lower than traditional payday loans. Installment loans offer a variety of payment options that are more flexible than payday loans, allowing you to pay them back on a schedule that suits your financial situation. Installment loans offer much more freedom, putting more of the control back into your hands.

With installment loans, you still make payments on payday, but you determine how much you are able to pay. You can pay in smaller increments, hence the name installment loans. These are short-term loans that are given out in amounts up to $2,500. Unlike larger loans, such as mortgages and car loans, with an installment loan, you are not dealing with a large financial institution that requires a lengthy process of extensive credit checks. In fact, with an installment loan, there’s no wordy, confusing paperwork. The terms are upfront and straightforward.

One example of an installment loan company is ThinkCash. ThinkCash is a leading provider of installment loans serving 35 states.  They help customers with interest rates, in some cases as low as 50% compared to typical payday loans and provide an unparalleled customer experience with multiple payment plans including extended pay periods. ThinkCash is trusted and supported by the First Bank of Delaware which makes it A-list when it comes to a loan company to work with..

You never know when an unexpected emergency might leave you with more debt than you bargained for. There is a way out. Regardless of your credit history or current monetary situation, installment loans are a fast and convenient option for getting money in your hands now, when you need it most. Applying for an installment loan is safe and easy and can usually be done online. Typically, there are no penalties for fees for paying off your loan early.

So what are you waiting for? Take control of your finances today and say goodbye to your debt with a fast and easy installment loan. Read our consumer take on Zest Cash services.